Splice Ply is known for its product offerings. But there’s a lot that goes behind making these products which stands the tests of time. At the core of it lies uncompromising standards for unmatched results which has led to the brand Splice warming up to a separate TQM dept. With it Splice brought dedicated control quality throughout its production process to achieve world class standards.

As a recognized 9001:2000 certified company, its flawless quality management system ensures that stringent quality tests deployed by the company lead to the plywood and boards manufactured comply with industrial standards.  What’s more, there is structured monitoring of the manufacturing process with the workforce guided to craft exceptional products. Adhering to durability and elegance, each Splice product is chemically treated at every stage to cross-check infestation of insects, borers, termites, fungus and other insects. On top of it, each of the products gets periodically tested in lab which is equipped with top-of-the-line line testing instrument to check conformity with the ISI specification regarding quality control and output.

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